Risk Levels

If one or more of the risk types are detected, our AI-powered system will compute a risk score based on the identified patterns of malicious activity.

  • Low risk score suggests a threat of minimal severity. Typically, this means Aegis has pinpointed a single risk factor with a reduced likelihood of being a significant threat. If low-risk alerts keep appearing, consider refining the alert parameters to reduce noise.

  • Medium risk score indicates that several risk factors have been identified. While this alert severity is primarily helpful in troubleshooting smart contract issues, a medium risk score may occasionally provide early warning of an imminent exploit.

  • High risk score signals that Aegis has picked up a high-severity pattern of malicious activity. The alert indicates a likely threat vector has been detected and should be reviewed immediately.

  • Critical risk score is reserved for the highest-severity threats, signaling an imminent or ongoing attack that warrants immediate attention.

Notifications based on the risk score may be configured by setting the baseline risk tolerance level. For instance, opting for "High Risk" notifications will also include alerts for "Critical Risks".

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