Interact with your smart contract

If you are a smart contract owner or operator, you can interact with your smart contract by connecting your admin account to Aegis. Aegis will automatically list all the actions available on your smart contract by using the ABI.

You can perform read or write actions on the smart contract provided you have the authority to do so on-chain.

If Aegis is unable to detect and add the smart contract’s ABI automatically, you will need to add it manually.

What is an ABI?

ABI stands for Application Binary Interface.

Smart contracts are written in high-level languages like Solidity or Vyper. This code needs to be compiled in EVM executable bytecode. When a smart contract is deployed, this bytecode is stored on the blockchain and is associated with an address. For Ethereum and EVM, a smart contract is just this sequence of bytecode.

To interact with a smart contract with Aegis, an ABI is required. Whenever the ABI is available, Aegis will load it for you automatically. If the ABI is unavailable, you can search for it online and add it manually.

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