Add a Slack notification channel

To set up a Slack notification channel, you will need a Slack webhook URL. We recommend you create a dedicated Slack channel for your Aegis alerts before continuing with the setup. You can also test incoming notifications using your own direct messages chat in Slack, the (you) conversation.

You will need to create a Slack webhook URL using Slack’s interface and then return to Aegis to finish setting up your notification channel.

Create a Slack webhook URL

  1. Navigate to and log in with your organization’s Slack credentials.

  2. Click “Create New App”.

  3. Click “From scratch”.

  4. Activate incoming webhooks using the toggle in the top right corner then scroll all the way down and click “Add New Webhook to Workspace”.

  5. Pick the Slack channel you created earlier for Aegis alerts and click “Allow”.

  6. You will be redirected back to the Incoming Webhooks page. Scroll down to the bottom again, where you will find a Webhook URL. Copy the URL.

Create Your Slack Notification Channel

  1. Go back to Aegis and paste it into the Slack Webhook URL field.

  2. Once you paste the URL into the field, Aegis will verify that the URL is valid and you will see a “Try” button.

  3. Click “Try” to test your Slack notifications. If you did everything correctly, you will receive a message saying “Hello, world.” to your selected channel.

Customize Your Slack App (Optional)

To make your Aegis notifications instantly recognizable, navigate back to Basic Information about your app in Slack where you can customize the name, description, and icon of your “assistant”. Please note that your new notification channel will not start receiving alerts before you set up alert conditions.

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