Panic Button


Aegis cannot access or manage any user’s wallet balance, nor can Aegis execute any transactions on their behalf. The discretion of activating the Panic Button lies exclusively with the user. Additionally, Aegis does not undertake any verification pertaining to the ownership of provided backup addresses. Should the wallet disconnect at any point following the initial configuration, the user must reconnect it before the Panic Button can be triggered.

Panic Button is a feature reserved for time-sensitive emergencies. Triggering it will set into motion a series of pre-configured transactions, moving wallet funds to your backup address.

The Panic Button is designed to help you take immediate action to protect your mission-critical wallets. You can use the Panic Button both proactively and reactively.

Proactive Use: Should you ever suspect that your account could be compromised due to leaked keys, lost passwords, or a successful phishing attempt, the Panic Button enables you to take swift action to prevent a potential security incident.

Reactive Use: Should you receive an Aegis alert about malicious activity linked to your contract, you may activate the Panic Button to take immediate evasive action. Based on the reaction time, the Panic Button feature may completely limit or at least substantially minimize asset loss.

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