Monitored Address

Any address on any chain that has been added for monitoring.

Monitored Contract

A smart contract that has been added for monitoring.

Monitored Wallet

An externally owned account (EOA) that has been added for monitoring.

Notification Channel

Each notification channel includes the Notification Name and Notification Type. Tip: you can create multiple notification settings for different monitored addresses and alerts.

Notification Name

Your unique name for the notification setting.

Tip: make it descriptive because you will be able to reuse it for multiple different alerts.

Notification Type

Any of the available notification destinations. Email, Slack, Telegram, SMS, Webhook.


Any detectable or auto-detected on-chain event in Aegis that can be used to set off an alert.

Trigger Category

Subcategory of all triggers by which we group certain similar detectable or auto-detected on-chain events.

Potential Risks

Lossless begins auto-detecting potential risks immediately when an address is added to the monitored address list.


Any on-chain event that a contract can emit.

Function Call

Any function that can be called on a contract.

Transfer Threshold

Token transfers above a specified amount.

TVL Change

TVL changes above a specified % where the direction of change and time frame can be set.

Token Mint

New token mints above a specified amount.


An Alert is composed of Trigger(s) and Notification Channel(s). You can select multiple triggers within one category and multiple notification channels within one alert.

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