Smart contract analysis

Aegis conducts an automated analysis on all smart contracts added to the Monitored Address list. Although this assessment does not constitute a comprehensive audit, it does provide valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities. Based on this smart contract analysis, Aegis will also recommend certain actions and events to track.

Aegis will flag any issues requiring a closer look with a "Needs Attention" label. Please double-check the flagged areas to ensure the highlighted smart contract issues are intended by design. Always seek expert advice before deciding to disregard any warnings.

This analysis DOES NOT constitute an audit of your smart contract.

The analysis consists of:

  • General Information

    • Contract is verified on Etherscan

    • Contract is initialized

  • Recommended Events to Track

  • Privileged Addresses

  • Integrated Contracts

  • Integrated ERC20 Tokens

  • Integrated Wallets

  • Micro Audit

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