Event Listening: Use cases

Event listening enables all stakeholders to maintain oversight over crucial operational, governance, and economic activities of the monitored addresses.

Developers can debug contract interactions, validate test outcomes, and use emitted data to locate bottlenecks. Events provide a real-time glimpse into contract operations and are thus invaluable for spotting bugs, unexpected outcomes, and other unintended smart contract behaviors.

Auditors can examine the contract state at different points in time, tracing the sequence of actions performed during a transaction and identifying potential attack vectors. Events help document the entire history of actions performed, thus greatly enhancing the transparency and traceability of smart contracts.

Individual traders and fund managers can track events associated with smart contracts within their investment purview. Various sensitive governance or fee structure changes, and transfer events may be associated with malicious activity and wide token price swings.

Project teams may wish to set up SMS alerts for specific events associated with their mission-critical contracts, including changes in admin privileges, contract upgrades, multi-sig requirements, liquidity withdrawals, and other time-sensitive events. That way, project teams will be notified immediately, even if offline, and be able to take urgent steps to mitigate risks.

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