Add a monitored address

Add a monitored address by clicking the "Add Contract" button on the main navigation panel on the left of your screen. You will need to specify:

  • A title for your monitored address. Make it descriptive so you can easily distinguish different monitored addresses.

  • The blockchain address.

  • The chain on which you wish to monitor this address.

You can monitor 1 account on a free account. Unlock more monitored accounts and triggers with LSS Boost.

As soon as you add a monitored address, Aegis begins to observe all interactions and suspicious activity, supplying risk evaluations generated by our cutting-edge AI model. You can review all possible risks, recorded from the moment you have added your monitored address, under the 'Findings' section of your dashboard.

After you add a monitored address, you will have the option to add a notification channel and alerts. You can always skip these steps after you have added a monitored address.

To analyze vulnerabilities from before the monitored address was added, see Backtesting ->

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