How does the Panic Button work?

Activating the Panic Button creates a sequence of pre-set transactions for transferring your wallet funds to a secure backup address. This feature has been designed for situations when you suspect your assets may be at risk.

To use the Panic Button, you will need to access Aegis and set up the transactions ahead of time. Each transaction must be signed with your wallet. In an emergency, you will need to log in to Aegis and activate the Panic Button yourself.


Aegis cannot access or manage any user’s wallet balance, nor can Aegis execute any transactions on their behalf. The discretion of activating the Panic Button lies exclusively with the user. Additionally, Aegis does not undertake any verification pertaining to the ownership of provided backup addresses. Should the wallet disconnect at any point following the initial configuration, the user must reconnect it before the Panic Button can be triggered.

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