Who is Aegis for?

Aegis is optimized for both personal and business use cases. Our AI-powered threat monitoring system is suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Protocol and smart contract developers can identify potential security risks, pinpoint less-than-optimal implementations, and track all smart contract interactions in real time.

Investors and fund managers can track Total Value Locked (TVL) fluctuations, liquidity shifts, sensitive function calls, and other custom events for smart contracts within their investment purview.

Wallet developers can utilize Aegis alerts to instantly notify their users of asset movements in and out of their monitored wallets.

Launchpad operators can gain an edge over the competition by offering Aegis automated threat monitoring as a plug-and-play feature for new projects and their communities.

Blockchain developers can observe user activity following the roll-out of new features and identify post-implementation vulnerabilities by tracking all smart contract interactions.

Swing and arbitrage traders can track liquidity and TVL on specific smart contracts to anticipate price shifts in pools before they occur and capitalize on these opportunities.

Researchers can take advantage of the Aegis backtesting feature to review past blockchain incidents, discern patterns of malicious behavior, and identify the modus operandi of exploiters.

Anyone can keep an eye on all interactions with their own address or track any given smart contract for suspicious activity and other customizable events.

Thinking outside these use cases? Get in touch at hello@lossless.io to discuss how Aegis can be tailored to fit your unique business needs.

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