Aegis dApp

Aegis dApp is our plug-and-play service for monitoring wallet activity. It has been designed to enable you to track and receive Telegram notifications about all on-chain interactions associated with any wallet address.

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The wallet address does not necessarily have to belong to you, and there is no need to connect the wallet or prove ownership of the address. Users may opt-in to receive real-time notifications on Telegram about any wallet address they wish to track.

While not a dApp per se, we are planning to evolve the application with more decentralized components and add more security features in the future.

For those looking to track their own wallets, Aegis dApp can provide some peace of mind, ensuring that no unauthorized access or transfer attempts go unnoticed. However, the dApp’s use cases extend beyond that. For example, some may wish to track the team wallets of a particular project, so Aegis dApp may fulfill a crucial due diligence purpose.

How does Aegis dApp work?

Aegis dApp is our simplified version of the Aegis threat monitoring system, which works by continuously scanning all mined block transactions and employing predictive analytics to categorize on-chain activity. The service is suitable for both professional and personal use.

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To add a wallet address and start receiving real-time activity feed on Telegram, simply log into the dApp with your Telegram handle. After you add a wallet address to monitor, all activity alerts related to contract interactions, transfer, swap, and approval events will be sent directly to your Telegram inbox.

Aegis dApp limitations

To reduce strain on our infrastructure and facilitate wide access to professional-grade Web3 monitoring tools, Aegis dApp is currently limited to one monitored address slot per user. If you wish to monitor more than one wallet or any smart contracts, consider creating a full Aegis account by navigating to Please note that your Aegis account is different from your Aegis dApp account.

All $LSS token holders are entitled to up to 7 monitored address slots under the free LSS Boost plan. Please note that this promotion depends on your current token holdings. For every 200 $LSS you hold, you receive an additional monitored address slot. The maximum number of slots per account is 7, unlocked at 1000 $LSS.

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As an $LSS token holder on Aegis, you will gain access to our custom trigger types for tracking specific Events, Function Calls, Value changes, or Contract Interactions. The LSS Boost plan will also unlock the Panic Button feature, which is reserved for time-sensitive emergencies.

LSS Boost is coming to Aegis dApp soon. You will be able to monitor up to 7 wallet addresses on any chain with the full LSS Boost.

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