Aegis Firewall is a hands-off security solution for your blockchain wallet. It utilizes a combination of real-time monitoring, frontrunning and smart contracts to protect your funds in case of any unauthorized transactions.

You can use Firewall for free if you are an Aegis dApp user.

While Firewall is active, the selected assets in your wallet are protected from unauthorized access.

Aegis Firewall is a completely noncustodial solution. The main components are, a) your protected wallet address, b) your backup wallet address, c) Lossless Aegis monitoring and frontrunning engine and d) the Firewall smart contract operated by Lossless.

Protected address

You can protect any wallet that you own on Ethereum mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Polygon. In order to activate the firewall for your wallet address, you will need to connect and sign a few transactions.

Backup address

Your backup address can be any address that you own on the same chain as your protected address. Make sure you are using a secure account that you can access.

We kindly suggest that you create a new backup address which should ideally be derived from a fresh seed phrase.

Lossless Aegis monitoring and frontrunning engine

Once your address is protected with Firewall, Aegis will continuously monitor your protected wallet address. If any transaction attempt or outgoing transaction is detected by Aegis, the frontrunning engine will trigger a movement of funds using the Firewall smart contract.

Firewall smart contract

The Firewall smart contract has only one capability. That is to move your protected tokens from your protected address to your backup address. The whole process is completely noncustodial. Lossless never gains any kind of ownership of your funds in transit or otherwise. If the Lossless Aegis monitoring engine detects an unauthorized transaction, your protected tokens will be moved to your backup address using the Firewall smart contract’s sole functionality and purpose.

Important notes

  • Once enabled, Aegis will constantly track your wallet for activity. If any activity is detected while Firewall is enabled, Aegis dApp will trigger a movement of funds to your backup address. This may happen even if you are attempting a legitimate transaction with your own wallet software.

  • You should disable Firewall in order to make your regular transactions or interactions. After you have done that, you should enable the firewall again to protect your tokens.

  • You need to specify the tokens that you want to protect. If you acquire any new tokens while transacting, you should enable protection for the newly acquired tokens as well.

  • We strongly recommend you apply an infinite allowance to the Lossless Firewall contract. That way, if your protected token balance increases, the full balance will be protected.

Please keep in mind that you are always able to access your protected assets. In case Firewall inadvertently triggers, you can access your protected funds by accessing your backup address. Make sure to keep the access credentials to that address secure and separate from your main accounts.

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