Add a Discord notification channel

To set up a Discord notification channel, you will need a Discord webhook URL. We recommend you create a test Discord server for Aegis alerts before enabling it in a public server.

You will need to create a Discord webhook URL using the Discord interface and then return to Aegis to finish setting up your notification channel.

Create a Discord webhook URL

  1. Open the Discord server where you wish to set up alerts.

  2. Click on your server name in the top left corner to see your server options.

  3. Click “Server Settings”.

  4. Click “Integrations” under APPS.

  5. Click “Create Webhook”.

  6. Click on your newly created webhook where you can rename it and select the channel where your notifications will begin appearing.

  7. Click “Copy Webhook URL”.

  8. Go back to Aegis and paste your Discord webhook URL into the Discord Webhook field.

  9. Once you paste the URL into the field, Aegis will verify that the webhook is valid and you will see a “Try” button.

  10. Click “Try” to test your Discord notifications. If you did everything correctly, you will receive a message saying “test message” to your selected channel.

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