Add a Panic Button

To set up a Panic Button, you must first add your wallet as a monitored address.

Jump to Add a Monitored Address ->

Afterward, open your monitored address and navigate to the Panic Button tab:

  1. Connect your wallet address to Aegis and verify ownership.

Aegis cannot access your wallet, but you need to sign a message confirming you are the owner of the account and have permission to manage the wallet’s funds.

  1. Add a secure backup address Aegis does not check the ownership of this address. It is your responsibility to designate a secure backup address that only you can access. We strongly recommend utilizing cold wallet storage as your secure backup.

  2. Specify the tokens to safeguard in case of emergency Aegis will create a set of pre-configured transactions for your specified tokens, ready to be executed after you activate the Panic Button.

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