Aegis comes equipped with a simple wallet hygiene tool for analyzing and managing token allowances/approvals. By connecting your wallet to Aegis, you can view all dApps (think Uniswap or Aave) for which you have granted token spending permissions. You can also set those granted token allowances to zero, revoking dApp access to your wallet funds.

This is important because simply disconnecting your wallet from unwanted dApps does not revoke previously granted permissions. After you disconnect, the unwanted dApp is no longer able to view your address, but your token approvals/allowances stay active. This makes your wallet (say, MetaMask) vulnerable to approval exploits that take advantage of granted permissions to spend user tokens.

Aegis Allowances Control can help you take preventative steps to mitigate risks. By revoking old permissions, you can limit the possibility that an exploit against an outdated dApp results in your funds being stolen. Regularly reviewing your token allowances for rarely-used dApps may also help you avoid falling prey to phishing scams.

You can view your Allowances by navigating to the wallet page on Aegis. There you will find a tab called Allowances with information about the Asset, Spender address, Balance, Approved amount, and time of Last Update. If you have your wallet connected to Aegis, you will also be able to revoke unwanted token allowances by simply pressing the “Revoke” button at the end of each row.

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