Aegis is our flagship threat monitoring system with AI-powered smart contract defense capabilities. Aegis continuously scans all mined block transactions and employs predictive analytics to identify malicious on-chain activity. Suspicious transactions and the associated addresses are flagged based on severity. Project teams are forewarned of potential threats via real-time alerts across multiple channels.

Projects may entrust Aegis with monitoring their mission-critical smart contracts with high activity and large transaction volumes. Basic monitoring capabilities are available without integration. Users can simply register on the platform and add the smart contract addresses of interest to the watchlist. Code integration enables more advanced firewall-like features that can be customized to automatically block potential exploits, stop flash-loan attacks, and prevent known malicious actors from interacting with your project’s smart contract.

Aegis is also the perfect tool for developers to revisit past security breaches for backtesting purposes. Individual Investors may also be interested in custom event alerts, which enable Total Value Locked (TVL) tracking and team wallet monitoring, ensuring that all transactions align with predefined rules. Overall, projects that choose Aegis enjoy higher levels of credibility - the Lossless brand reassures the community that their funds are safe.

Blockchain Monitoring

Automated smart contract monitoring capabilities without code integration.

Instant Alerts

Real-time, multi-channel notifications about potential threats.

Predictive Analytics

AI-powered malicious activity pattern recognition to anticipate exploits.

Event Tracking

Customizable alerts for tracking token movements, function calls, TVL milestones, contract ownership changes, and more.

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