Committee Voting

Voter Panel

As soon as the connection to the Lossless Platform is established with a Committee account access to the Voters Panel will be granted. Access will be found on the upper-right corner of the platform.

The voter panel grants an overview of all the reports that are generated on the platform and acts as a convenient way to interact with each of them.

Committee members will be able to see all generated reports with their respective details.


Time when the report was generated.

Report ID

Unique identifier for the report.

Clicking on this will lead to the Report Details page where more information on the report will be shown. On the Details page Committee members will also be able to interact with the report by either voting and claiming.


Will encompass four different statuses that the report goes through, as well as its resolution.

  • Pending: While the report is open and can be interacted with.

  • Expired: After the report lifetime goes by and no interaction can happen anymore.

  • Confirmed: When the report was solved and deemed as valid. Rewards can be claimed.

  • Rejected: When the report was solved and deemed as not valid. Rewards cannot be claimed.


Affected token

Transaction ID

The transaction hash which will contain all of the transaction details.

Time Left

Remaining time that the report can be interacted with. Also known as Report Lifetime.


This column will show the actions that can be taken on a report. On this column Committee members are able to Vote on reports and Claim their rewards.

A committee member will be able to vote only while report is Pending, after that the button will be greyed and no further interaction can happen up until the report resolution.

The claim button will be available once the report is solved with a Confirmed status. By interacting with this button the committee member rewards can be claimed.

Alternative ways to interacting

Aside from the Voters Panel interaction with a report is also possible through the Report Details page. This can be accessed by clicking on the Report ID from anywhere on the platform.

On this page you will find two buttons. One for Voting and one for Staking.


After the pertinent investigation, a vote can be casted from this page. As soon as the vote button is clicked you’ll be prompted with a pop up to cast the vote.

And then for confirmation

When the confirmation button is pressed, a transaction from Metamask will be prompted in order to cast the vote to the Lossless Core Smart Contracts.

Claiming Rewards

After the report has been solved, on the same Report Details page, the buttons shown previously will be overwritten with the Committee Claim button.

By pressing it, a transaction will be prompted to be confirmed which will trigger the distribution of rewards.

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